What is Destiny Coaching?

To Create Your Destiny You will Change Yourself and That will Change Your World

I'm Here to Help. Here's how.

Sadly with how complex the human mind and relationships are I can't guarantee a dramatic outcome like this one. But I can certainly say I can help you feel better.

Are you happy with every aspect of your life? Could even the good bits be better?

I help you make what is good great, and what's not so good better. How do I do this? I'm a consultant, coach, a counselor, a teacher that helps you redirect your innate, conditioned and learnt skills and talents, so that your strengths can overcome your weaknesses, and your strengths are magnified through using them in new ways. I help you discover the next level of your abilities to choose how you will live in your relationships starting with your mind body, then moving to whatever you feel you need to make your life everything you want it to be.

I can help with specific issues like habit change for Pain Management, weight-loss, stopping smoking, procrastination and time management, anxiety and phobias, public speaking, shyness, discipline & motivation, stress management and relaxation, sexual dysfunction and improvements in intimacy. All of these arise out of your relationship with yourself through your body to others. So I work with those relationships..

How do I help? Asking good questions, listening, giving guidance to new ways of experiencing your life, Listening Hands Energy Work and hypnotic trance for deep change beyond your conscious mind, status dynamics, empowering you to choose how you manage your inner life and reflexes to give you great freedom, power and depth of life. I run workshops to add group dynamics to the mix.

Together we find the solutions for how your life could be better. Specifically using Neurolinguistic Programing (NLP), hypnosis, strategic psychotherapy, through the arts (to help develop creative approaches to life and to show you are more talented than anyone every let you believe including you), meditation, skills training, and using the insights and practices from my long experience with Buddhism, Taoism, Yoga, status dynamic, Tantra and Western traditions of psychology, ritual and mysticism.

"Weaving your dreams into your Destiny"


I will explain these approaches in blog posts on this site as time goes on.

Check out this Graphic summarizing how Hypnosis works and what it can do for you created by http://hypnosistrainingacademy.com/ here it is with a blog post INFOGRAPHIC

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