Techniques Used


Neurolinguistic Programming - Neuro = brain, Linguistic = Language, Programming = the patterns of thought, inner experience, which are expressed as emotional reflexes and effect our perceptions of the world and therefore behaviours.

This is a discipline for managing and transform your mind body states. It acknowledges the power of language to affect and effect the way we think, feel perceive and behave. You might think of it as an active form of mindfulness (see below) where you intervene in the processes you become aware of during mindfulness affecting the flow of consciousness, perception, reflexes and behaviour. It arises out of the same lineage of Western thinking as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) that starts with phenomenology in philosophy, psychology and psychotherapy. Where much of psychology and psychiatry, including CBT, focus on abnormal dysfunctional behaviours, perceptions and feelings NLP is based on modeling successful happy people and what they do, feel and think in order to be the best they can be. This has become a thing recently, happiness conferences and studies in university psychology and business research departments.


The use of trance and non-trance states to achieve a highly focused state of consciousness which allows imagination with memory to effect perception in ways that can profoundly affect your life. It can be fun as well which is where performance and play hypnosis comes from. This is no longer a valid word but we are stuck with it. Even the guy who coined the word in the 19th century realised that it wasn't a sleep state after more research.


Internal exercises that promote focus, develop multi-sensory imagination and centring and calmness.

Energy Work

Sensitivity to subtle exchanges sometimes felt through 'Listening Hands', other times it felt experienced as symbols and insights, and some see it. These exchanges can be healing but can also intensified sensations for a deeper more intense experiences of life.

Listening Hands

Using, coaching and teaching the power of the Language of Touch

Every sense has it's language, sometimes more than one. Theatre and ceremony combines all the senses while art, photography, sculpture and writing are for vision, music and talking for hearing, massage and sex for touch, cooking for taste and smell, with vision as a useful part of it, and perfume being for smell alone.Touch smell and taste are the most intimate. Touch in all its variations - internal: shape, movement, emotional feelings, and external touch heat pressure from outside is a powerful part of relationships and identity.

For helping you with sexual dysfunction and improving already good sex and intimacy we explore your attitudes and understandings of touch and coach you to be comfortable and empowered with it.

Postures of Power

Your posture and exercise levels have strong effects on emotions and the obvious health issues.

Mindfulness Contemplation

Mindfulness is to reflect on the process of consciousness, its qualities and forms and habits of thought. It gives a strong sense of boundaries for who you are and how others are influencing you.

Based on forty odd years of interest and Buddhist practice and philosophy this link is back to our mother website.  


This can be used as a tool for enhancing mindfulness, to sort out thoughts and feeling, developing boundaries and clarity.

Art Therapy

Similar to journaling but using all your different modes of thought - visual, feeling, words and sounds. I put them all together though in the mainstream they are separated into "music therapy" for sound "journaling" for words and "Art therapy" for visual.


Similar journaling and art therapy above. One way of thinking about humans is they are the storytelling animal. By turning your experiences into stories you can get new perspectives that can transform your experiences of life and relationships.You can either tell them as close to the truth as best you can or telling a fictional metaphorical version. Storytelling can be an extension or part of NLP and hypnosis in bringing about significant change and improvement in your life. For example if you can tell the story of who you would be and how your day would go if you were living the life you most want then it is lot easier to make it happen, for it to become your lifestyle.