7 lessons from a Guy Who Can Only Move His Face

This is how practical positive thinking really works.

Not by avoiding the negative, as some people say, rather by realistically appraising what can go wrong and planning for it. This blog will show you a very unique, graphic and intense version of how it works. I have a more ordinary example. I may have used elsewhere. To cross the street you don't ignore the possibility of getting hit by a car you simply allow and plan for it. If you avoided the thought of getting hit by a car you'd be hit pretty quickly.

He also talks beautifully about the power of suffering and the positive use of pain, fear, even terror. Here's a thought - Pain is the sensation, suffering is what you do with it, how you experience it. Suffering is the emotional and attitudinal, mental response to a painful experience. You can have pain with suffeing and suffering without pain. Pain is usually

This is one of the most inspirational pieces of writing I've ever read... he is in business and so will try to sell you ways to succeed online but he does it by giving a lot away for free.


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