— January 27, 2017

Active Mindfulness - NLP

Applying NLP to mindfulness

— January 4, 2017

7 lessons from a Guy Who Can Only Move His Face

A re-blog from Jon Morrow, a Guy Who Can’t Move Anything but His Face

— December 14, 2016

Ecstatic Play - New Beginnings

Your potential is a promise offered to you for your life best fulfilled by keeping your promises to yourself and anyone…

— November 19, 2016

Discipline versus Motivation

contrasting motivation and discipline

— November 3, 2016

how to visualise - NLP

How To visualise with the help of NLP

— September 3, 2016

how hypnosis works infographic

an infographic summarising how hypnosis work and what is can do

— August 27, 2016

Your Brain on Hypnosis

research shows some of what is going on in your brain when you are hypnotised

— August 13, 2016

Ecstatic Play - Love's Languages outline

This is the basis of our ways of knowing we are loved

— July 29, 2016

Ecstatic Play - Love's Languages

Each of us speaks to ourselves shape who we think we are and how we relate to others.

— June 23, 2016

Testimonial Recreational Hypnosis Course

Testimonial for the recreational Hypnosis

— June 21, 2016

touch and trance

how hypnosis and trance can created with touch

— June 3, 2016

History of Hypnosis

A video documentary on the history