procastination and time management

This is a testimonial on procrastination and time management from KATE

I have recently had a Hypnosis session with Christopher. I had spoken to him about how I have a bad habit of often turning up late for appointments or for meeting up with friends and how I felt disappointed with myself about this. We agreed to do a session in relation to this. I had explained to him that I had been 45 minutes late to meet my friend. I sent a SMS to her phone but still felt bad that I had let her down.

Christopher started the session by just getting me to relax. I was sitting on the couch with my eyes closed. He started by getting me to remember the day (it had only been about a week or two earlier so it was still clear in my mind.) He asked me to remember how I felt when I had first sent the SMS to tell my friend that I was going to be late. I remember that at the time I felt both annoyed and embarrassed with myself when I was sending the message. Christopher asked me to remember what I was doing on that day that made me late. Whilst I could not exactly recall what I was doing on that day that made me late I knew that it would be either one or two things, either watching TV or on the Internet or most likely a combination of the two things. Christopher pointed out during the hypnosis that whilst I am in my own home – my space, I should be in control of what happens there. In other words, unless for unforeseen circumstances, nothing or no one has made me late except myself. I immediately understood that this is of course completely true.

He asked me to go back in my memory of that day and to remember what I was wearing. Unfortunately I could not remember. He then asked me to remember what it was like when I finally met up with my friend. He asked me to remember where she was, what she was wearing, the expression on her face etc. I could remember all of these things in exact detail. He then asked me to think about how she would be feeling by having to wait 45 minutes for me to show up. It was then that I really understood how my poor time management had resulted in me showing a lack of respect to my friend. I must point out that I turn up late on a regular basis so this is not a one-off occasion. It made me realise how I had let my friends down so many times. I had also let myself down too.

Now Christopher asked me to focus on a positive memory that I have of when I had achieved a goal. A memory of how great it felt to have made such an accomplishment. He asked me to remember the day in as much detail as I could. I still have very fresh memories of this day even though it was 4 years ago. He asked me to hold on to those memories of achievement and to know that these positive memories will be what I will feel when I start to manage my time better. He once again reinforced that when I am at home, I alone am in control of my time, and to respect myself and other people by being punctual. I fully agree with this.

It is at this time that the hypnosis session regarding the topic of time management had concluded. He now now asks me to open my eyes and walk around the room and look at the surroundings and face him and go and sit back on the couch. This was really interesting because even though I was awake and walking and looking around the room, looking at the books etc, I felt like there was a part of me that wasn’t completely awake. I guess that was because I was still in a semi-trance state.

Now, for those of you that are wondering how I have been going with my time management skills since this hypnosis session took place, here is an update. I have had 8 occasions where I have had to be somewhere at a certain time. I have managed to be on time for 7 of those occasions. Not perfect, but for me, 7 out of 8 times is a very good start.

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