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Languages of Love - Tantra and NLP Workshop

the when, where, how of the workshop
Ecstatic Play Date: 20/8/2016 Time: 0930-1700 Description: This is a 1 day workshop. The core ingredients of communication are listening and sharing honest responses,…

Ecstatic Play - Love's Languages

Each of us speaks to ourselves shape who we think we are and how we relate to others.
 "A relationship is a plant. The roots are in each of your hearts. The trunk and branches are the play of ordinary day to day life. The flowers and fruit are the sex and other…

Ecstatic Play - Energy Costs

Costs and locations for the workshop - Ecstatic Play
Ecstatic Play - Energy Length - one day 7-8 hours Limited Places - 26 people, single and partnership welcome Date - 07/08/16 Time - 10am-6am Location - Annandale…