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Decisions Shape Destiny

"3 decisions we make every moment of our lives

1. What am I going to focus on? Focus – feeling, thoughts, Past/Present/Future, Self or Others

2. What does it mean? Is it the end or the beginning? Are you being punished or rewarded? Leads to emotion which leads to action or not.

3. What are you going to do? Are you going to give up or move forward?" Anthony Robbins

What I offer is insight, will and motivation for emotional management. If you truly want to be in business for yourself or employed and be successful whatever your goals, all 3 of these need to reside inside you. We all hit moments when our desires and needs exceed our skills and situation, and we need mentoring in a style that can bring profound change in how you operate in the world, in your work and in your relationships. That change needs to be real and takes time. If it is real it will last a life time, it changes way you think, feel and perceive the world and yourself in it. And it does have to be PRACTICAL. It is sped up by good mentoring and training.
What I offer is training and transformation. This comes from insight into why and how you are doing what you are doing and wanting. These arise from clarity with your emotional drivers and empowerment in a way that lets you be the pilot of your own life. You may disagree but it seems to me that the program you were on before had your coach as your pilot, not you. Your previous coach seems to have taught you that you need them everyday because you are not capable of being in charge of yourself. This is definitely not true. So that without them you are unable to manage yourself when your plane flies into a storm. And that life on autopilot while they keep you on track is the highest achievement.
Some other insights missing from our talk.
1. It seems to me you impose a lot of external criteria on yourself for success. You continually say "should"... "I should - do this... - be achieving that... - meet this or that standard..." The word "should" does violence to you because it means that you judging yourself in a way that implies failure. ("try" another dirty word you might consider how you use.) You need to bring things back to what you want, what is the quality of life you want not just a bunch on numbers on a scoreboard. They help but aren't enough.
2. You seem to think (at least in the way to talked about it) that your performance at work is isolated from the rest of your life. This isn't true everything in your life is relevant to who you are at any moment, including at work. The goals you have for your personal life and your progress towards them will effect the way you work.
My Plan (if you decide to accept the mission... agent ???)
1. To Teach you emotional self sufficiency, so when you hit bumps you can apply the strength, resilience and flexibility you already have to course correct as needed.
2. Ensure your goals cater to and arise from the whole of who you are as a person, so the dance of life brings joy to all of who you are - as a man, as a lover, as a friend and finally in the work place (because you are more than a worker bee).
3. These will mean you can have certainty about where you are going and how to get there, you will make a significant contribution to the people around you and to the world, and you can grow both as person and in your influence,
4. If I succeed in all these then it will mean I am unnecessary. My redundancy is my great ambition.
The Actions
1. You'll learn how to apply anchors as you need to and want to in order to manage your emotions and attitudes to work. You'll learn to even to make anchors for yourself. This will mean you don't need to talk to a coach every morning in order to get on track. Paying $275 a week is over $12000+/yr and would be a big contribution to your savings goals for your business if you could do everything she did for you for yourself. I know that as you grow in success this will seem like a measly amount to pay... but rich people usually got there by know exactly where every penny was and what they were getting for it.
2. You will learn to do what your previous coach did for you daily, which you clearly know and remember, for yourself. Why if you know how it works and that it works can't you apply it, to yourself? We will look at the answer to that question, so you can develop in your personal power.
3. In order to perform in your job effectively you need to clarify your big life goals and the drivers that are pushing you. Your daily goals for phone calls and sales are at the end of the process not the beginning. You need to be sure that the path you are taking is the best one to get where want to go, and that where you are going is truly where you heart is. There's a chance that the reason you are having such trouble keeping motivated and on track without the artificial help of your previous coach is that it is the wrong track you are on. The phone sales job may not be the best way for you as the type of person to get where you really want to be.You said you are a social person so why not a face to face job that caters to that reality???
4. Practical Insight - the more insight you have about who you are, the way you operate and what drives you the easier it is for you to not only get where you want to go, but the ensure that the way you get there is a dance that you really enjoy and can share with your partners to make a brilliant ecstatic full life.
To me this is a practical action plan. I could do what your previous coach did. I know the techniques and we will use them. I would love to take your money right now it would really help me. But in all conscience I can't do it the way your previous coach did it. What you say is practical, to me is babying you. You are stronger than you think.
You are an interesting intelligence strong ambitious person who will get where you want to go with or without my help. If what I've said is too provocative, and completely misses the mark then so be it it was nice to meet you.

If you want to go forward?
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