Ecstatic Play

davinci.woman2.jpgEcstatic Play - Energy

Energy = enthusiasm, motivation, excitement, presence, charisma, joy, fun.

Imagine being able to feel confident that you can read the emotional and physical state of people as easily as if they honestly told you who they are and what they want. You can do this through their presence, their energy, through your empathic sense of them. Some call it EQ "emotional quotient", some spiritual sensitivity, the aura. When you play the game of life with people it is the most fun when shared. When you can see what is exciting them, when you can listen not just to their words but to their bodies, when you can feel what they feel, and know each other deeply, then you can share a journey to beauty. You're exchanging power together so that no matter what roles you are playing in any part of your life you each feel your sense of choice, your power to make the destiny you want with the people you want to share it with. to live passionately.

As I said the very best sort of play is shared - based on trust, trust in yourself, trust in those around you. Trust in yourself is realistic self love; it is the confidence and strength to forgive yourself your human flaws and to step out of your own way to see, feel and listen to the people around you with clarity. Then you will know if they are right for you and you are right for them. What holds you back from making your life more playful, more energetic? We will spend 8 hours dancing, playing, following our curiosity to discover how Tantra, Status Dynamics, NLP, Hypnosis, Active and Interactive Mindfulness and meditation, Buddhist insight, empathy, sensitivity, spirituality and ritual will help you to get energy and play to crossover into everyday 'normal' life. When your intention, energy, and actions align with your curiosity, awareness then you gain the freedom to tread lightly brightly toward the relationships that make a full and complete life.

These stages are interactive, cooperative, we separate them merely for the sake of learning, for the distillation of empowerment

Stage 1: Play starts in a place, a background. We will start by setting the space, exploring our feelings and responses to strangers, strange situations, to the fears and history that limit us.

Stage 2: Play has reasons, motivations, goals, things you share and have in common. We will clarify what you want from life, the universe and everything.

Stage 3: Play has toys, abilities and skills what shape the games take will depend on what the reasons are for the interplay. You are more talented than anyone has ever let you believe, including you. We will prove that by discovering who you are and who and how you'd like to play with. If you already have play partners (lovers friends family) you like or must play with then how can you play together better and deeper?

Stage 4: Play is play. It is doing it, giving it your all, being totally involved. What actions will take you to your destiny and what holds you back from taking them? We will transmute them into fun. Fun is feeling good and effective moving towards your vision for yourself.

Stage 5: Fun is feel you are getting what you want from your play, from your actions. It is being sensitive enough to enjoy the moment, the immediate sensuous consequences of your actions with other people. It lets you be flexible, responsive and creative in your communications so you share yourself and destiny more deeply.

Stage 6: Play has/is a story. You have clear roles. You progress through the plot, you overcome challenges. While your actions, feelings, plans, vision build the big story of who you are, where you are going, what your values are, the psychic and social ecology of your life, relationships and environment. How do they all line up?

Stage 7: We play in a world that is bigger than us, than the games. How do they fit? Are you ready for and can you forgive your limitations? Can you allow for your ignorance, for what you couldn't know or might know but didn't give priority to? In a world of unexpected turns the most flexible and creative are the most powerful and fulfilled. Do you have reserve that gives you a platform to stand in your strength, a back up plan so you can go forward even if the luck isn't with you?

Techniques and traditions we'll draw on - Neurolinguistic Programing, hypnosis, Esoteric Tantra, Buddhist mindfulness, Western Ritual Traditions and psychotherapy the arts - writing, drawing, dancing, acting, imagination

Price: $150 Early Bird $125 but don't let money stand in the way


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