Languages of Love - Tantra and NLP Workshop

Ecstatic Play

Date: 20/8/2016

Time: 0930-1700

Description: This is a 1 day workshop. The core ingredients of communication are listening and sharing honest responses, rapport and trust. These are most important for intimacy, especially if you want the greatest intensity it offers and want it to last. Each person uses their own languages, has their own focus of attention. Deep listening lets you hear your friends and lovers' stories and how their mind and emotions work, so your can see their point of view. You can learn to speak in the languages they are talk to themselves in and keep your integrity solid.

Tantra and NLP agree that all the senses married are the windows on the soul. These are a duality offering that collaborate and complement each other.

Every sense has its own languages -

Hearing has talking, music and sounds;
Sight has writing, visual arts;
touch/feeling has play, massage, exercise like yoga and taichi, sport, body language
Emotions, inner subjective experience are connected with through your imagination addressed with the marriage of these other languages using metaphor.

This last, the language of the imagination, is how you reach into you and your partners' souls, bodies and unconscious to transform life and destiny, and especial your presence energy.

For you to connect with partners and friends deeply you want to learn the primary way they talk to themselves.

Talking is more than just words. Words and sentences have ripples of personal meanings you see, hear and feel, that are bigger than simply ideas, The metaphors people use to communicate their inner processes of thinking and feeling tell you how they communicate with themselves. When we first meet, especially when romance is involved than we use all our senses to communicate. As time goes on we start using short-cuts that arise from our own inner languages and often don't realise that we are missing each other because we aren't talking the same languages.

Call: Christopher on 0412716238 for further information or to book in

Cost: Prepayment/RSVP required $150 early bird $130 concessions available, don't let money stop you from attending.

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