Anthony Robbins & Depression

This is a great analysis of one approach to solving depression in a brief exchange.

It is great BUT... the issue I have with Tony is the lack of follow up. He comes to town, puts on a show, then leaves, with a wake of romantics idealising the nature of growth, personal change like it is done to them simply by a charismatic master. He says he's not a guru. The fact that he has to say this tells you how his followers see him regardless of his intention.

A lot of NLP and hypnotherapy practitioners mix up rapport and trust.

There are great things you can achieve with rapport definitely. I have worked with it a lot. There are other things you can only really do with trust. Rapport is a feeling in the moment. Trust is about long term reliable intimacy in relationship. It is so natural it is invisible until it is broken. It is bounded, in the sense that we develop trust in the knowledge of both our own and those participating possible failures and limitations. You develop a knowledge of when and how they can be trusted. Most of us have friends who are fun, nice even exciting to know, who are unreliable in various ways but you know just how to trust them, because you know how untrustworthy they are.

This video is about the use of rapport, charisma and highly effective communication. Communication that is aimed at the emotional state of the person based on respect and knowledge. This could be the beginning of a trust relationship. It's unlikely based on how the Robbins show works. This doesn't mean that the techniques aren't real, aren't effective and useful. To me they are all of these and they are meaningful and may lead to long term change because by the end the conversation is aimed at, in a few moments, transform the man's sense of himself and how he relates to his life and emotional responses.

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