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Start with a positive attitude this is fun expansion of your sensuality. Consider it an interesting curious challenge, exercises to play with like kids...

1. Consider anything you enjoying doing to the point where you lose yourself - watching movies, TV, reading, playing, playing video games. Explore your motivations for wanting more, I think it's great, as a playful expansion of your sensuality, exciting fun. Don't lay a 'should' on yourself which is a shaming judgment. I could, am even likely to be wrong but questioning your motivation is a good thing.

2. Here's a two part exercise for your consideration. You can play with it using sensory imagination to cross over between any of your senses. warning trance language if you recorded this and listened back it might help

a. Feel your hands, now feel your feet, now feel you butt sitting or in clothing. Notice the way you moved your attention to and from each part of your body... now move your attention to looking around the room through your eyes. Notice what it feels like to move your attention from feeling to looking. Go back to feeling another part of your body, then back to looking, next pay attention hearing to sounds whatever they are, now go back paying attention to your hand again and move your fingers. Then stop, feel it, then move the fingers again. Feel the transition from passively sensually feeling your hand to moving it. Go back to looking, then hearing again. Then back to feeling, if you have someone nearby talk to them and notice how your state changes as you move your attention to and from different parts of your body, to looking, to hearing, to doing. Each of these activities are activating different parts of your brain. Feel the differences as you move around your brain from feeling, to looking, to hearing, to doing, to talking, maybe writing and typing. All activating different parts of your brain. Now close your eyes and repeat, but for the looking just look at your eyelids and notice the darkness, the how it changes as you look.

b. Best to do this with an object that excites you. For now let's pretend an orange excites you. Imagine feeling the shape of it in as much detail as you can with your exceptional talent, the textures of the surface, the smell of the orange as you rub it under you nose. As you feel it move your attention to your eyes, to the looking part of your brain as per the previous exercise. Keep feeling the shape with your attention on looking, in your eyes, as you feel the shape, the sight of a shape may start to become apparent to you, as you look and think of the feeling of the colour it may come to you as you are looking. Repeat for fun with the pen, then anything else that excites you.

If you are good at visualising already but want to develop your feeling side then you can do this exercise but in the last part start focusing on visualising then moving to the feeling part of your brain, keeping the visual part activated. Moving your attention around your body to different senses.

Enjoy it! Explore it! Play with it, play with the sensation of exploring you brain like a kid with a new toy, or an old toy rediscovered.


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