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The Power of Language in Love and Play - NLP++

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The power of language is very great... it's a large topic... I'm always interested in talking about it... For a start every sense has it's own languages and some languages cross over between senses - eg art is a visual language, speaking is a language you hear, massage and sex are kinaesthetic or feeling languages, while play can be all of them together depending on how you do it. You can talk hot, look hot and touch hot to get different emotions involved in the play.

In summary language that sparks the imagination, that mirrors the language of the person you are talking to - the metaphors they use and the senses they most commonly think in mixed with the non-verbal elements of communication that focuses and holds attention like pauses, mirrored body language all have powerful effects. Being highly attentive, as in listening and empathically feeling the presence of a person gives you the possibility of either the submissive power of a geisha or the Dominant power of a warrior.

NLP and hypnosis are good sources to study... We could talk by Skype for some demonstrations. My skype name is the same as on here.

As for controlling and exploring the way you share and direct your energy, which is central to nonverbal communications you might find 20 minutes of quiet with non-judgement attention to the flow of your thoughts and feelings would be a good starting point. Once you are acclimatised to it alone, experimenting with periods where you are with people in a social setting where you sit in silence paying close attention to the feelings of people, what is going on below and around what they are talking about. Whether there are conflicts between way they use language to talk about how they think and feel and the nonverbal messages they give off...

Some yoga and Taichi might help as well.

You might find these exercise very sexy because they get you to pay attention to your body and theirs beyond words and simple visuals to the feelings...

As to senses people think in - listen, listen, listen - The primary senses people use are visual "I see what you mean...", auditory "I hear you..." or "I think I understand you..." or feeling "I empathise... " or "I feel you..." or "heavy man..." if you check out NLP books you'll get whole lists of words to listen for in different sensory 'modes' of thinking... start paying attention to yourself first what senses do you think with? and in what situations? You might think visually and in words at work or in public or with blood family settings but think in feelings with sex & play partners. You want to translate what you want to say from your language to their language e.g. if you think visually and they think verbally you need to use their metaphors so they get what your message is.

For example - In love, sex, play and even friendship different people can speak different languages and so miss each other. One person is showing love with good sex or doing nice things and/or spending time with them but the other person is waiting for the words "I love you..." and not noticing their partner's way of expressing their love.

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