Private Sessions

First Session 90mins - $180 (incl. GST)

Follow-up sessions 60mins - $150 (incl. GST)

I'm open to payment plans, concessions and barter or other forms of exchange should these prices be out of your reach.

If you have a specific goal such as Charisma (public speaking coach), Stopping Smoking, sport mind coaching & hypnosis, weight loss, a phobia, relationship deepening and intimacy development, sexual dysfunction, procrastination and time management which may involve multiple visits then there is a further 10% discount for paying up front after the first session.

Barter services (I do require some cash or groceries, chocolates but it can be a mix with services needed) Web, graphic and brochure design, other help promoting my services, proofreading, admin and logistics at my office and courses, personal house cleaning, 


Sport Mind Coaching for fitness, health and weight loss - one day workshop (available as a private coach)

Recreational Hypnosis for Beginners & Advance - one day each

New Beginnings NLP+ 2x day workshop

Ecstatic Play - Energy 1 & 2 - one day each

Ecstatic Play Languages of Love 1 & 2 two days each


One day Workshops $225 (with Concessions available)

Two day Workshops $499 (with Concessions available)

The barter and other means of exchanging value/energy are available for workshops