placebo and hypnosis


Placebo is the most negatively tested medical treatment we have. That is tested by resistance to it. Every properly tested drug on the market has to be proved against placebo. 40-60% of the effect of any drug has been proven to be in the mind, some of the the drugs only have to be 10-20% better than placebo to get on the market. If we had a rational health system all non-emergency medical treatments should start with placebo (through hypnosis and other methods) to test if the mind's natural healing power then use drugs and finally invasive systems like surgery. Part of what the report below talks about is the important of social factors like bedside manner in the healing process. 

Hypnosis can be said to be the most powerful and honestly ethical form of mind power with the body, placebo. basic the most power of hypnosis comes out of the relationship between the client and the hypnotist which is part of where communication skill of NLP come into it. This broadcast from the ABC Radio National about a book called 'Cure: A Journey into the Science of Mind over Body' about the power of the mind to affect the body's processes, its immunity and pain systems. It can reduce the use of drugs for immunity and pain control, thus reducing toxicity and side effects, and even aging.

Stress is a central way the mind affects the body. Mindfulness, a form of internally directed trance, can have direct effect on depression, stress and possibly aging.

Thoughts, beliefs can directly affect biology through the brain, but the brain/mind can't effect the absence of hormones or chemicals of the body.

Computer games, virtual reality, are being used to help control pain.

Hypnosis/NLP/Meditation can have direct effects on these same systems providing there is trust and skill on both sides the hypnotist and the hypnotised person.

'There are studies now in a few conditions—depression, irritable bowel syndrome, headaches, ADHD—suggesting that you can take a placebo and you know it's a placebo and it still has an effect,' says Author Jo Marchant


Really worth listening to.

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