Discipline versus Motivation

Thoughts on motivation versus discipline. Here's nice thought "Do you need to be motivated to brush your teeth? No you just do it." So whatever activity you are want to include in your lifestyle can be come a habit by treating like brushing teeth, something you do simply as part of who you are. When you were young your parents had to help you use discipline to get you started with the habit of brushing your teeth, but now it's simple. So if you use discipline for a period, most research suggests 21-30 days, to embed the habit so it becomes easy. 3 months will finally complete the process. By then you will need neither discipline nor motivation to do it. As mentioned it will be part of who you are, your lifestyle. Discipline is when we let our better angels overcome the momentum of the past, our lack of motivations, our demons' negative self image of us...

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So how can I help?

To make change, to embed the new habits, the new lifestyle that will result, you need both motivation and discipline. You need the motivation to enact the discipline.

All this comes from having a more positive point of view on yourself and your life. Hypnosis and NLP can help you get in touch with those better angels mentioned above. I can help you find strengths you've forgotten you had and ones you didn't know you had - activating both your motivations and your will to discipline. I'll help you make new connections between your strengths and weaknesses. At core I can help you come to a practical self love that will give the foundation for profound change. You do the work I show you how to do it effectively, quickly with tried and true methods.


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