Ebeth's experience of a workshop

This is so beautiful... poetic gorgeous... I'm deeply complimented and honoured by how Ebeth and Ken's participation in the two day workshop we shared... the biggest compliment was the return for a second workshop, that they trusted me as their guide again. Then for Ebeth to write this on behalf of both of them... is humbling and inspiring...

Whoever thought eating a strawberry could be so fulfilling to the senses. I found my self so involved that my eyes were screwed firmly shut. One more sense I could not bear to use so heightened was touch, scent and flavour. The tang of the berry on my tongue, the crunch of the tiny seeds between my teeth, the heady scent, the coldness on my lips. The sensual experience of our senses brought to life with a simple fruit.

We had signed ourselves up to a second round of experiences with Christopher and again we were treated to a mixture of philosophy and experience. Formally the class was on Tantra and how to understand the languages of the senses spoken and using this to deepen our relationships.

In many ways that exploration during the weekend, was the exploration of the strawberry. How many senses can be used to explore something we usually thoughtlessly place into our mouths or turn into a smoothie? Sometimes the experience was almost too intense, the need to screw ones eyes up and focus almost overwhelming.

The weekend provided an explanation of the rituals of our individual worlds using the seven chakra's along with the five senses for exploring. The base of fear, the second of desire, the third our body and resources, the fourth the passion and action of the heart, the fifth the communication with the world the ability to listen to our selves and our lovers, the sixth the understanding of ourselves as a part of our environment and the seventh our understanding of ourselves as a spiritual entity and the smallness of our humanity.

Was this a structured learning environment, where the lessons are set long before the class commences with no thought of the learners journey? Or following a path of set didactic principles? Nope.

At times it was playful, other times intense emotional sharing of stories, sometimes downright silly and other times embarrassingly real. All the time guided slowly towards a understanding not of perfection but of ourselves.

The ability to let go and be unstructured in ones learning formed as much of the class as the formal elements. The energy of life becomes not what you are taught but how you interrupt that teaching. And so it was in this workshop.

The strawberry finally gone just a lingering flavour in the mouth, much like the lessons of the weekend. The thoughts of the weekend will continue to slowly evolve in our minds over months and years to come.

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