Katie's Deep Hypnosis

Posted by admin on November 24, 2016



About a month ago I had a Hypnosis Session with Christopher. I have had numerous hypnosis sessions with Christopher before but in this particular session I experienced my first deep hypnosis. It really was fascinating and unique. Due to the fact that I went into a very deep hypnotic state I cannot fully remember a lot of what occurred during my time in trance but I will endeavour to explain things as much as I possibly can.


Before I can go any further in my explanation, I must point out that having trust in the person that you do hypnosis with – especially deep hypnosis – is extremely important.  I have had various hypnosis sessions with Christopher for at least nine months and I have good faith in his abilities as a Hypnotist. I think that trust is imperative in these circumstances and I have complete trust in Christopher’s techniques.


Christopher started the session quite similar to previous sessions that we have had in the past. He started with a basic induction. In the middle of this year I attending a course that Christopher had held on Hypnosis. Due to the fact that I was now familiar with different induction techniques, I decided to help the process along by doing a bit of self hypnosis on myself. I used an Elman method of Induction which basically is counting backwards from 100. So I was saying “99 deeper relaxed, 98 deeper relaxed, 97 deeper relaxed.” Well, I could not believe it......never before have I ever gone into a trance so fast and so successfully. It was astounding. I was having trouble getting to “96 deeper relaxed.” I was definitely entering into new territory here. I could feel myself going into a trance state much deeper than on previous occasions. My body felt more relaxed than I had ever previously experienced. My breathing had also changed. I was aware of noises that were going on around me and outside of the house, but they certainly did not interrupt my state of trance. I also remember that after a period of time, I started to feel quite cold. After the session had finished, Christopher told me that because I was in such a deep hypnotic state that my blood pressure would had dropped and that is what made me feel so cold. I would like to take this opportunity to point out that both hypnosis and meditation can be used to help to lower blood pressure. I know this for a fact because a GP used meditation on me to show me how my blood pressure could be lowered in just minutes and it was successful.

Now, back to my trance, the whole process took about an hour, but because I was in so deep I do not completely remember everything that happened although I know that I was lucid at all times. I think that what captivated me the most was just the fact that I knew that I was in so deep. Christopher also told me that my skin (and face) had also gone pale in appearance. When Christopher brought me out of the trance it took an extraordinary long time for me to be fully functional again. I just remember being reluctant to come out the trance (maybe it was just too much of a peaceful state to be in.) It took me a long time to even start moving and even longer to get off the couch. I remember being overwhelmed by the experience even though it is actually very hard to put into words what really happened. I guess it is just the new, unknown territory that fascinates me so much.


Overall, I can only say that I felt very positive about the new level of hypnosis that I have experienced and that having someone like Christopher as my guide and someone that I wholeheartedly trust will make me more willing to undertake future excursions into the wonderful world of hypnosis.