Nadine Stops Smoking

Quitting smoking only works long term if it answers the questions smoking is currently answering. Question like - how do I comfortably take a break? How do I relax in social situations, fit in? How do I enjoy and drink with friends? How do I manage stress, distracting myself (we call it change body mind state)?

For the changes to stick they need to fit in with who you are, your lifestyle, your emotional needs and wants. This why is we recommend 3 sessions to ensure the changes have worked and are permanent. Details for quit smoking session.



Last month I had three hypnotherapy sessions with Chris Michaels to reinforce recently quitting smoking.
I sort his help because I realised after several failed attempts that I was not actually properly addressing the issues that kept leading me back to the habit. I really wanted to be done with this once and for all!
Chris really listened to my situation and I really felt that he had a thorough understanding of my behaviours, beliefs and negative thought processes.
I felt I was able to be completely open and honest without judgement and we know each other socially so his discretion and professionalism was really important to me. I was really embarrassed and even ashamed of smoking.
During our sessions Chris led me through various visualisation techniques and placed anchors to reinforce new positive thoughts and behaviors.
Later in my everyday life I was able to tap into these and draw strength and focus.
After the second session I noticed a huge shift in my attitude towards smoking. It was literally like the ties had been severed and I didn't feel like going out for a smoke was going to help in any way so I just stopped thinking of it as a solution.
I vaguely recall Chris saying that I was a non smoker during another session and I can't explain how or why but that just stuck and became part of my identity now.
I'm happy with my sessions with Chris and feel it was very successful and I'm happy to recommend him or answer any questions from anyone considering hypnotherapy.

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