Pain management

Christopher was kind enough to drive out to my place over the last four weeks and complete four hypnotherapy sessions for me around dealing with chronic pain. In the first week alone, I reduced taking pain killers to two instances only and felt really good. The second and third sessions I went deeper into the trances and felt I was getting good results in coping with the pain. For me the proof was in a weekend trip away up to the North Coast from Sydney to Grafton via the Sydney/Brisbane train.... train travel is a real trial for me as the seats aren't really that comfortable and I am immobilized for far too long (even a two hour return trip into the city exhausts me).

Anyway, the trip up was surprisingly easy, I enjoyed a great weekend away at a family reunion but faced the trip home with trepidation as I figured the cumulative travel would be painful. Once again, I was surprised as the ease and comfort of my trip - needing only a low does of my pain meds to cope. I had an unsurprising backlash migraine two days later but I want to emphasize that the entire trip was 95% pain free, rather than being a physical wreck AND having a migraine... so I got off really lightly. After the last session yesterday - the rest of the migraine had dissipated.

After years of taking pain meds daily, and also needing medication at times to help me sleep - four sessions with Christopher has given me relief from continuing pain and better coping mechanisms for the suffering aspect. I am about to have more major surgery and Christopher has agreed to return when I get home for more sessions to aid in my recovery. I am grateful for his time and skill. The feeling of being more pain free than ever in six years is a blessing.

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