Tantra - sexual improvement

Here is a testimonial from a couple who came to me for low libido and difficulty with orgasm for the woman.

I haven't edited it -

My husband and I have been married for a about 18 years now our sex life has been good but I lacked a sex drive that would allow me to initiate sex with my husband. He would have to initiate it as I said our sex life is good he makes me orgasm every time but that's it I can only orgasm once then it becomes painful. He then told me he had a interest in erotic hypnosis I said I was not really interested he dropped the subject. He became more and more interested in it and he kept bringing up the subject. He told me of a person he met on fetlife and he was interested in erotic hypnosis. I sort of wrote it off but he organised a visit I must say I was a bit apprehensive about this. We talked about briefly and I agreed to go only the day before he told me that Christopher was going to try me to orgasm on command I got a bit worried about this as I'm a very private person but I still went. We arrived at Christopher's house and spoke for some time I must say he made me feel comfortable. He took us into his room and we started the hypnosis. I felt comfortable because Christopher had made me feel comfortable. The trance I was in was awesome I have never felt anything like it and the arousal I was feeling yes Christopher made me cum over and over again so did my husband I have never had multiple orgasms in my life and I have definitely not orgasmed with anyone else but my husband. My husband said he nearly cum just seeing me cum on command and I told him I needed a change in underwear. The experience bought Christopher and us closer together. We now practice erotic hypnosis on a regular basis now I now want my husband to go back to Christopher so he can keep up with me. Christopher you are awesome and we would recommend you to anyone the whole experience was mind blowing.

Thank you again


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