testimonial for Ecstatic Play - Energy

This was written by Ebeth with her partner Ken about their experience of the one day workshop.

For me as leader/facilitator it was a beautiful sharing experience.

Ecstatic ecstasy, joy, energy, happiness and a bringing together of our humanity. This day was built on the premise that we all share the fundamentals of humanity. That we each have an experience and a place in life.

The day started with a group of strangers slowly getting to know their surrounding and the concepts. This was not a day of PowerPoint presentations but of group dynamics and sharing. In fact for the first session we simply started with no theory just Christopher guiding the exercise.

This is experiential learning of the highest order. You become the subject of your own lessons. It is after all, all about you and your relationships. About how you play, the roles you take on. Your ability to feel those around you and play with them.

The group assists in guiding the experiences and the lessons learned. Christopher much like a conductor of an orchestra, brings to the fore his wealth of experience, tailoring the class to the needs of the group and indeed even your own needs.

As such the class depends on the interactivity of the participants. My class is composed of those ranging from experienced to mildly interested. From the introspective to the verbose. The one thing that brought us together was a willingness to learn what we could glean from the day and our own humanity.

I attended with my long term partner who also happens to be an atheist tech head, who tends to root his beliefs in hard science, he put aside his normal mind set and just enjoyed the day. The point being you do not need to believe in the traditions experienced but you do need to be open minded about your day.

There is no right or wrong in this class and letting go to accept that could prove challenging and even fearful for some. The approach taken could be alien and artificial:
- where are the lessons plans,
- the hard and fast rules,
- the science,
- the class notes.
To others the approach will feel just right, the ability to learn about yourself in a safe and comfortable environment. This is after all about joy and sensuality. Should the sensuality of our natures be reduced to paper facts?

There is an element of human contact in this class, you will touch and be touched throughout the day. But you will also learn about the boundaries and of not touching, of requesting permission and being able to engage in ways that are rarely found outside the massage parlour. In fact that was the comment made by my partner as he happily hugged other people and relaxed into the flow.

One of the joys of this class, is the hybrid of cultures presented giving us choices that our western culture has put to the side. It draws on shamanism, Indian and Chinese medicine and even early western medical beliefs. As was put, eastern medicine is built on the experiencing of living bodies, modern western medicine is based on cutting up dead bodies.

At the end of the eight hours, I found myself, enjoying the quiet of the group, we had reached a point where we were comfortably sitting contemplating the lessons. My partner and I took home a better understanding of each other, the nature of touch, new friends, and a broadened world view. If the earth didn't shatter and change for us as an outcome, well that was never the intent anyway.

For the kink minded, a lot of the concepts will feel familiar, the ability to negotiate touch is something that is a basic tool in our toy bag. Being able to use energy effectively to feel your way through a scene. Yes, it can be reduced to science of endorphins and adrenalin but the mystery and joy of exploring bodies of sharing your energy, of the yin yang is far more powerful.

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