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Many insights here are based on Tantra as well as hypnosis.

All perceptions/experiences happen in your mind, obvious right. But when it comes to pleasure most people forget this. In the West especially through the materialist medical traditions of science we have this disconnect between mind and body. Hypnosis can positively accentuate this disconnect when it comes to pain control. For example the first operation done with only hypnosis as the anesthetic was in 1829. But it can also allow you to experience the reality of the deep integration of mind and body allowing you to control all sorts of automatic systems like heart beat, body temperature, blood pressure, visual and audio perception and emotional experience. Sexual pleasure for most people is in the realm of the physical, out of your control, the result of outside sensuality... this way your lover is at fault when you don't get full pleasure, orgasm. Many people swing on the pendulum of shame to blame themselves and multiply the stress that stands in the way getting pleasure of any sort. It is true that the most intense pleasures, including sex, are the product of the relationship shared, of collaboration which means mutual responsibility. The psychological structure that separates mind and body that categorizes sex and emotion as physical, as outside your sphere of choice, your conscious mind, stands in the way of that mutual experience.

The path to integrating mind and body, to gaining a lot more influence (if not control) with it, is through your sensory imagination and you point of view on it. Your experience of your body, it's emotions, pains and pleasures, and being able to intensify them and/or transmute them into sources of power and simple fun starts with your point of view, then how you think and feel about them, which is where your sensory imagination comes in. Hypnosis uses guided focus, guided attention and guided imagination through trust in relationship to achieve this transformation of the possibilities you believe you are capable of, thus your point of view on yourself which leads to changing your relationship with sex and pleasure.

The trust in a hypnotic relationship is not the trust you have in friends or family, in life time relationships. It is your trust in someone to do a job you have agreed for them to do using their specialist skills. You trust your mechanic with your car but not your body. You trust your GP only so far with your whole health; she acknowledges her limitations and to maintain your trust calls in specialists when she reaches the limits of her knowledge and skill. The hypnotist/hypnotherapist is a specialist. From the point of view of medicine you might say that the hypnotist is a specialist in the practical use of placebo effect, that is they specialise in the use of the mind to profoundly effect the body. At least that's the way it seems in a world that believes they are separate. While other cultures commonly use ritual to heal, transmute their point of view on themselves and their bodies and believe themselves and their bodies capable of much more then ours allows us. Of course the problem with some of those cultures is not acknowledging the limits of those rituals. They don't use effective feedback and doubt to test and understand the boundaries of the relationship between mind body and the world. There are aspects of the physical that are out of the reach of the mind. You can choose how you respond to a broken leg, to cuts and infections to the pain of any situation but you can't fix them with your mind.

Hypnosis is perfectly good for those experiences which are marriages of mind and body, such as pain and pleasure. Obviously sex for both genders fits into these categories as do emotions and the aforementioned point of view on what you are capable of. There are many people who don't believe this for men but it is true, though the BELIEF it is purely physical means it is psychologically true. This belief works like a placebo for many men until it doesn't, then they are left with only blue pills for help. Orgasm is not the point of sex. It is confirmation of intimacy, trust and deep connection. Some people can and do do sex for the simple physical pleasure and it is great, but it lacks the depth of being a total experience of a whole relationship expressed in a moment or hour or six. Orgasm is emotionally very powerful and important in our cultural context and relationships. There are physical reasons that can interfere with sexual pleasure and orgasm, but both are emotional experiences first and foremost. Hypnosis can help separate what is truly physical and what is the product of emotional psychological factors. You have considerably more choice over your reactions to physical events than anyone has let you believe, including yourself.

There are four elements to our responses to any experience - the event, your primary reaction, your secondary reactions and your behaviour. You can't always control the events around you (though you can influence them with your behaviours). In the moment you also can't usually control your first or primary reactions (though you can influence them), You can influence greatly your secondary responses, which is your reaction to your primary response, like feel ashamed of being angry. You can choose your behaviours, though your feelings can colour subtle aspects of them. Your primary and secondary reactions arise out of your point of view on yourself and your identity including your sense of personal power in the situation. With hypnosis you can affect your reflexes in advance by changing you point of view through changing your sense of personal power through changing your relationship with yourself and your responses. When it comes to sex and orgasm they are all effected and affected by - how you masturbate, where you place your locus of control and responsibility (that's how much control and responsibility you feel over your experiences, perceptions and reactions), how you communicate what works for you and how you relate to pleasure in general. Hypnosis can help with all these issues.

The experience below was a demonstration of the interplay of mind and body in orgasm and therefore pleasure in general. There are three other testimonials on this site along these lines demonstrating the longer term affects of the combination of Tantra and hypnosis.

I experienced Erotic Hypnosis

by  Lindy October, 2015

So we were at a Kinky adult trivia night and lucky for me Christopher was there !!!

I say lucky, as I was about to experience a demo of erotic hypnosis :), more to the point, to orgasm on demand!! Now when I used to smoke, I tried hypnosis to help stop and straight after the session stepped outside and lit up a cigarette, so I was secretly thinking this would go the same way.

I was pretty relaxed about the whole thing, I was in a public place, people knew me, my friends were there, so I felt safe. I was a bit concerned that I'd make a fool of myself, but hey I do that anyway...

So there I was standing in front of Christopher looking deep into his hypnotic eyes NOT!!. I stood in front of him with my hands behind my back. He then asked me to picture a strong positive experience I'd had and to remember that feeling and that would be my core throughout, He did this in a fairly normal voice, just pleasantly pitched then he instructing me to focus on what was around me, the voices of the people, My breathing deep and slow and then my blinking. It was at that point he informed me that with each blink my eyes would get heavier.

It didn't happen straight away, I don't know whether I was fighting it, however I think Christopher noticed this (I don't know for certain) however he started reminding me of my core feeling and I felt a bit more accepting. I was still surprised though when my eyes were closed, as I felt I could still open them, yet couldn't.

He then took my hands from behind my back and instructed me to lace my fingers together and that I couldn't pull them apart, Christopher told me to try and nope, I couldn't.

I'm not sure exactly what he said, however I know he said this experience would only last an hour and that he would say a key word (gorgeous) and when it was said by him, I would orgasm....

I felt him lean in, felt his breath on my neck, I heard him say "gorgeous" and then I felt this complete build up and explosion.... I'm not talking a climax, I am talking about that one that rocks you to your core and you can feel way down deep inside!!


Then again "gorgeous", I sagged against him with this one and Christopher in that voice, told me to remember my core strength and that would hold me upright.

So he brought me back to reality and we were sitting there laughing and chatting.... "Gorgeous" oh dear, this is just too good....... Whippet walked past "gorgeous" oh damn, I'd forgotten, however my body hadn't!!

When approximately 50 minutes had passed, from beside me Christopher said the word, however there was a noticeable delay in my response and also the intensity and then upon the hour when it was said, it was only a tingle.

This was an amazing experience that Christopher gave me and if your reading this, thank you for that and also for allowing me to kiss you goodnight!

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