What Happens in a Hypnotherapy Session

A hypnotherapy/coaching session.

First session = 85 minutes. First we share an assessment process looking at the problem, it's place in your life and background, then your goals - what would your life be like without the problem - then we'll explore various strategies for solutions you can use consciously to change your relationships with the problems and solutions. Then we'll use trance to help embed in your unconscious the solutions that will get to the deeper sources of the problem and embed them into your reflexes. Finally you'll get some homework to help empower you to embed the solutions and the new approach into your lifestyle with the changes.

Second and following sessions = 55 minutes. Counselling & Coaching to support the process of change, building your sense choice and empowerment for embedding the changes into your new lifestyle, clearing blockages and dealing with unexpected consequences in your health, relationships and work life.

Background consideration. Remember that every habit is part of a whole system that is your emotional and relationship systems/ecology/lifestyle. For example your friends and family (maybe work) will have been making all sorts of adjustment to help you and for them to live with your habits and behaviours to fit with your lifestyle. The changes you want to make will affect them. Even if they support you in the changes you are making these changes still involve work on everyone's part as you all evolve into the new empowered self free of the problem.

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